1. skillful
2. High
1. Dave thought he was nice playing basketball, but i took all his money

2. This shit is real good. Few hits had me nice for the rest of the day
by JLzz February 07, 2008
to be drunk; to be under alcoholic influence
-dude im so nice right now.
-i got so nice at that party.
by mother joseph January 11, 2007
nice can be:

1. an expression of approval
2. a mocky expression of disapproval
3. a way to describe a positive attribute of the body of the prefered sex
4. a form of sarcastic gratitude
1. "i just got the new xbox360"
2."i bottomed out my car the other night"
"nnnniiiiccceee... n00b"
3."did you see that guys pecks? OMFG they were sooo yummy!"
"nice...." >.<
4."wow on a scale from 1 to 10, im like a ten. so why am i talking to you?"
"nice. (bitch)"
by fonzie April 29, 2006
Chicago slang term for having a buzz from alcohol but not at the point that you're completely drunk.
Man joe these henny shots got a nigga feelin nice.
by Earl Campbell June 20, 2006
Someone who is pleasant to be around and considers other peoples feelings. Not to be confused with a Kiss Up or Suck Up, A Kiss Up is someone who is overly nice to people only to get what they want.
Nice Person: Hey Stacy I love your shirt today, Are you still coming over on Friday?

Suck Up: Hey Trina, you are so pretty, cool, funny, smart and talented. I love all your clothes. So what are you getting me for my birthday?
by randomchick67 September 03, 2010
To get intoxicated. The feeling once intoxicated.
"I'm going to get a bit nice"

"I am so f*cking nice"
by nomam August 08, 2007
a word you use when you have nothing else to say. or a word you use when you're talking to someone about someone else and you really don't want them to know your true feelings. Note: This never works, especially if your kinda spacing when you say it and really don't know what someone just asked you. People always ask me "what do you mean by NICE?"
1. Fish- hey guess what? I just started dating this girl what do you think of her?
Fruit Loops- uhh... nice (really thinking who the heck is he talking about?)

2. Fruit Loops- What you think of Skittlez, huh? Come tell me!
Short Stuf- uhh, she nice (really thinking- you are so dam lucky to be going out with her, but if I told you this you might eventually get all cocky)

3. Fish- you like drinking blood?
Short Stuf- (spacing out) huh... nice (really thinking- i can't wait till we get to the bloody house!)
Fruit Loops- what do you mean by nice?
Short Stuf- nuthin'

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