When this word is used by a girl it means she's not attracted to said person.
Jim is nice

Joe is nice
by Weekend at Saddamy's April 07, 2009
NICE is an acronym that illuminates the unflattering nature of the word, 'nice.' The acronym: Nevermind, It's Clearly Empty is often used to morph subjective niceness into objective ends.
Bro says "What do you think of his new girlfriend?"
Moe says "Well... hmm... let's just say his new girlfriend is... NICE."
by uspirintiallity June 02, 2015
drunk, wasted
i was mad nice at that party last week.
by Rick April 09, 2003
1. A backhanded compliment full of irony.

2. A cynical way of congratulating someone for getting over on a person or situation.
1. "I just totalled my mom's car."

2. "I got an A on that paper I plagarized!"
by Lex I. Cographer July 28, 2010
One who swallows your load.
Mean people suck, nice people swallow.
by Nunyuh October 07, 2004
1) an adjective used in a variety of positive contexts
2) a response to a good report or prediction
1) her rack is nice
i fucked ur mum nice n hard
that is a nice stang
2) "were going to jonny's party" "nice"
"my teacher raped me" "nice"
"dude a shark bit my leg off!" "nice"
by Marky Mark November 15, 2003
An abbreviation of the beer: Natural Ice
Person One: "Funnell this Nice and you are well on your way to becoming fucked up my good friend"

Person Two: "Thanks dude!...ahhh nothing nicer than a nice Nice!!"
by Pumpetron July 06, 2010

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