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A newbie. (A person that is new to something.) See newbie
That newblood cannot even fire a rifle! Give him some more training before he is deployed to our special operations!
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
The most kickass clan in runescape. All the other clans are scared as shit to fight new bloods in fear of getting owned.
Person 1: omg its new bloods person 2: lets get the hell out of here person 1: dies person 3: FOREHEAD FOREHEAD FOREHEAD
by Nick12fromNB March 19, 2009
A Tribes Vengeance player who is too lazy to put a name into their profile; therefore, they are given the default name "Newblood".
Another Newblood? That makes... 2 so far!
by Red Shifter February 17, 2005
Racist mass recruiting PC clan who dont step foot into the wilderness
Look at them new bloods more like new bloods!!!!! roflmao
by kwarky January 31, 2009
New member of KULT or KBM (Kult BlackMilk)
H'm, not many newbloods these days, boyo.
by Macavity October 30, 2003
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