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Kbm is a term given to someone who lacks even relatively basic driving skills, yet is in denial.
Person 1: Hey man can you pick me up I don't have my car.
Person 2: Sorry, I don't have a drivers license, but i'm going in to take my test this week.
Person 1: Thats like your 10th time taking it! I don't even want a ride anymore you are going to crash!
Person 2: No i'm actually great driver I just keep failing for the dumbest things like not yielding.
Person 1: Ya keep thinking that...(under his breath) "what a Kbm"
by Grumpyfatninja7 September 16, 2011
5 1
Someone who is very confused and often does not know what is going on. They also like to go to bed very early on friday nights because they are "tired".
Person 1: Hey dude did you just see that car!
Person 1: Hello?
KBM: Wait what?

EX 2

Person 1: Dude wanna play some xbox tonight!
KBM: Wait what?
Person 1: Wanna play xbox?
KBM: (10:30) Na I'm tired I think I'm gonna go to bed.
by shrew eater June 04, 2011
3 0
If you mention the word invite 3 times you will automatically recieve a KBM.

<Spammer300>I like tuhtles
<Spammer300>I like Turtles
<Spammer300>Me like tuhtles
<@basic>Want me to KBM you?

by Ninjy April 18, 2009
5 3
The name of someone that is known to be constantly lost and confused.
guy1: hey whats up bro?
guy2: wait.. what?
guy1: ha you pulled a Kbm!
guy2: wait... what?
by shrew eaterr April 14, 2011
4 3
Kult BlackMilk
So, you're the latest KBM newblood?
by Macavity October 30, 2003
0 13