'Oh Tom keeps groping Laura and Jade... What a NERP'

'Tom made that girl touch his penis. He's such a NERP!'
by 50sotGman October 03, 2012
Top Definition
variation of "nope" which is slang for "no".
1: you goin to the movies tonight dude?
2: nerp.
by jaaaasmin August 30, 2007
Nerps - almost always used in the plural, when referring to a set of nipples.
She had chewy nerps.
by Judster October 10, 2004
the state of being a retarded llama.
you're such a freaking nerp.
by whitneywoodallisanerp. April 17, 2011
the state of mind where there is no longer a state of mind
usually happens late at night while your drinking energy drinks that contain tons of caffeine...the best nerp drink is Mountain Dew...you can tell your nerping when you laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason...best nerp hour is usually 3am but you can nerp at anytime...usually you begin to nerp when you're really tired....you cant force yourself to nerp, it comes naturally...Silly in a manic sort of way, as in the frame of mind induced by too little sleep and too much caffeine
by nerpingguineapigpigpig September 19, 2010
When you're hanging out (usually with a bunch of people of the same sex) and you start acting weird because you are either tired or excited. For girls, an example could be laughing uncontrollably at something that isn't funny. For guys, an example would be rockin out to N'sync or Lady Gaga without caring about who sees you/being made fun of. In general, going crazy.
Dude, Joe's singing 'I kissed a girl' off-key at the top of his lungs.
--I know, he's nerping right now.
by hiflyer65 June 08, 2009
A term used to describe surprise, boredom, or fascination.
Julia screamed "Nerp!" when Erick put his finger in the wrong hole.
by donotello August 17, 2005

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