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what doesn't it mean?
Allie : *taking notes in world history*
Justin: nerp
by IEatMuchoRice March 30, 2010
a cross between a noob and a derp - nerp

used to decribe the worst people ever, like a certain person who im not allowed to name on here !
wow did you actually just spill the milk? you nerp
by JAAAAKKKKEEEE January 17, 2011
A artard retarded awesomely amzingful substitution for another word and or sentence to descride its awesomeness and amazingfulness. or could descride your love one another. OR! could also descride the hatefullness towards another culture or ethnicity if used in the proper digogitory term.
i nerp you with all my nerpin heart.
by chrilliam December 30, 2009
Group of the coolest people ever!
Friend 1: We are such losers!
Friend 2: I wish we were Nerps.
by Nerpest August 19, 2012
an expletive usually used following an event that is either unexpected, awkward, cute or all three. Also is normally followed by laughter.
A kitten was playing with a Pringles can on a coffee table when it simultaneously dropped the can from the table and then fell into it.

Appropriate response:

by DonnieShell January 04, 2012


Anyone who does not consistently listen to Electronic music (e.g. house, techno, dubstep, electro house, etc.)

People who prefer to listen to top 40, Country, Rock, jungle music (rap), and everything NOT electro.
Person 1: "Damn this party is so sick!"
Person 2: "Yeah that's because there's no NERPs here!"

Person 1: "Why do I feel like I'm in the jungle right now?"
Person 2: "Because all these fuckin NERPs are listening to their coon-tunes obvi!"
by whitesnake999 May 02, 2011
Someone who feigns illness to get out of working choosing to live off benefit payments instead.
Me:- My brother in law hasn't worked for 8 years, he gets disability benefit because he has a bad back and depression and sometimes uses a mobility scooter but I have seen him carrying heavy bags and walking on ice.

Friend:- Your brother in law is a right nerp

Me:- My sister also hasn't worked for 8 years, she was sacked from her last job for stealing from the till but now she gets benefits as my brother in laws carer.

Friend:- Your sister is also a nerp.

Me:- They have been given a council house in a street the postman calls Giro Town and refere to themselves as doleys.

Friend:- They live in a street full of nerps and you should have nothing more to do with them.

Me:- I don't.
by Mr and Mrs Camel April 07, 2010