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The same as a noob, someone who is inexperienced in a certain field.
noob: messagebox.show("hello world")
end sub

noob:that works but where is my logo
pro vb user: NERP...
by sheeny June 04, 2007
A cute exclamation of surprise, delight, disappointment or other extreme emotional reactions. Variations include nerpie and nerphead to describe another person when in a highly emotional state.
Nerp! I love you even though you are a nerphead!
by MelissaM August 30, 2007
a slang word for tits
"i loved sucking on her nerps"
by Madushca June 03, 2007
Nefarious Evil Resident Politick

A fascist organization bent on the destruction of the human race!
Sovereign nations are a compromise of failed wars.
Ours will not fail...

~The NERP doctrine
by Budlong October 13, 2006
A word used to say "fuck you" in another way of saying,
in other words "fuck you" means nerp
person:"hey wanna go out sometime?"
by sorhoho February 11, 2008
1. Never Eat Rotten Pussy!
2. Used as an expression
Dude i just found a bag of weed!
Oh Nerp!
by laker420 April 18, 2008
Nerp is a word invented by a small group of females in the Northeastern Colorado area. It eventually caught on throughout the midwest and it's definition has been altered in many blasphemous ways. The original definition of "Nerp" was an acronym which meant "Never Eat Rice Pudding." It meant that there was "NERP on top of a chicken, or chicken on top of NERP." Nerp was therefore occasionally an unknown substance which could be alternately underneath or on top of a (live) chicken. There were variations among the original users, such as "NERPing" which roughly meant "messing about because one was bored." Nerp was occasionally substituted for other words, as appropriate to the situation and sentence content.
"I'm feeling rather NERPy today."
"I'm not doing anything today, man, except NERPing."
"Do not misuse the NERP!"
by Ali L. March 27, 2008