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biblical reference to 10 ft tall aliens (angel/man hybrids)
english goth band.
by ernie October 21, 2003
Supposedly the giant offspring of fallen angels (demons) and human females. Also regarded as plain giants.
Holy tits Batman! Look at that giant Nephilim over there!
by Pseudonym McFakeName November 28, 2009
The offspring of humans and angels, Child of the nephilim, a race made to protect humanity from demons,
Look at those nephilim slaying a demon!
by Mortal_Jennifer April 30, 2015
Alien. Only made when a angel and a human have sex.
You have to kill that nephilim. Its a disaster to our manking
by SPNFan_Celestia March 03, 2015
an artistic logo that represents the once hardcore band, AFI. the nephilim is a bat with distorted eyes and tail, no feet.
cool nephilim tattoo
by Sngsorrow August 08, 2006
See GENESIS 6:1-4. The sons of Elohim (Jewish men) saw the daughters of men (atheist women) that they were beautiful, and married them, producing the Nephilim (agnostics).
The Nephilim (agnostics) are great because they are very open-minded and not held back by an unprovable belief system.
by Rick Jefferson August 19, 2009
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