Slaying is the act of having sex with little to no emotional attachment. Slaying for the joy of slaying.
Also a male can hit the town with the intent of 'slaying bitches' which means he wants to smash up a stray and have no repercussions.
Natty B has an overdrawn moral bank account and is often found prowling the street looking for bitches who need 'slaying'
by The Pro-abortionist February 07, 2008
when a man/woman goes on a conquest to have as much sex as possible with as many people as possible
Hey man. What you on tonight?

Gonna go slaying!
by Naldoman19 April 01, 2011
A sexual act, performed by a man on a woman... who may or may not be in love.

Similar to "doing it" / fornication.
Sam "The Slayer" does a lot of slaying in his free time.
by Anon2353w October 19, 2007
having sex
I was slaying this girl when my momma called on the phone.
by Calvin October 01, 2002
To have sex with a fat, ugly or fat and ugly girl
So I was slaying that fat chick all night
by crazyxpanda February 23, 2009
to ditch your friends and hang out with your girl friend.
"what's the ice man up to tonight?"

"fools slaying a dragon tonight yo"

"oooohhhhweeee, hopefully he's gettin some taco's!"
by designateddobber April 30, 2007
to have sex with someone while have full blown AIDS is called slaying
remember that girl that was slaying all night?


well now everyone has AIDS
by SpenceMix5000 October 31, 2007

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