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1. Pertaining to the Bible, the sacred text of Christianity.
2. (slang) Characterizing harsh, serious treatment.
3. (slang) Sexual. Used in the phrase, "in the Biblical sense", esp. applied to the use of the verb "know".
(def. 2): Tony said if we don't get the job done by Friday, he's going to have to get biblical on our asses.

(def. 3): Yeah, I'm really glad I got to know Lisa. Heh, in the biblical sense.
by atemperman January 24, 2004
Something so amazingly epic that it must be referred to as biblical. The true equation being Epic X 1Gajillion = Biblical.
From the movie Law Abiding Citizen when being questioned about what will happen to the people responsible: "It's going to be biblical"
by TOPS90 October 17, 2009
A term used to describe something tremendously large, epic, or of intense proportion.
I'm going to put up so many Christmas lights, it's gonna be biblical.
by Jerffeyful December 29, 2010
1: (adj) Having an overwhelming quality of epic greatness, the likes of which is only comparable to the gloriously fictional tales of the Bible.

2: The only adjective in the english language worthy of describing The Big Lebowski
"Dude, that shit I just dropped was like David vs. Goliath. Absolutely BIBLICAL!" - Jimmy Mooradian
by Walter Sobchack April 29, 2007
Being the highest of the high. The greatest achievement. Super talented.
Compared to Kesha, Cher is biblical.

Don't even start with me, that shit is biblical.
by Brionity February 23, 2014
The replacement for the word "epic." Epic got old. It got boring listening to people say "epic win!" and "epic fail!" So, it only makes sense to replace it with a new word, and the most appropriate word would be "biblical".
Bobby: I just pwnd that guy at World of Warcraft.

Andy: Biblical win!

Bobby Inorite?

Andy: That was some biblical pwnage!
by Chigglywiggly September 14, 2009
A killing of EPIC proportion
Malcolm, Give me back my bag or the consequences will be BIBLICAL
by Patricia and David February 27, 2004
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