1.otherwise know as "survival of the fittest"
2.Socially, natural selection argues that the best and fittest society would be one where its' individuals look out only for themselves and would advance themselves, if possible, at the expense of others. It would even destroy others if possible. Thus barbarianism is demanded by natural selection with the destruction of the weak and the free domain of the powerful. It demands total annihilation of anything weaker than necessary and the ruling of anyone more powerful than others
3.discourages vaccines, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools for the disabled
4.encourages events like the ruthless takeover of the Native Indians of North America, and the destruction of the Jews in the Holocaust
5. Name all who kill as better
The world is full of interdependence and it makes natural selection unthinkable. How did lungs form if lungs are necessary for our lives from the start? How did we reproduce if it took millions of years for our reproduction systems to evolve? Reproduction was necessary for survival but how could natural selection create this? One sex had to exist before natural selection would bring another sex into existence. How did the first sex get there and how did reproduction take place while the other sex was forming? Or, are we to believe that they just both formed independently perfectly suited for one another?
by kh March 24, 2004
Top Definition
religions worst nightmare
seriously, the rainbow is gods promise not to drown us all. Isn't that nice of him?
by drew December 24, 2003
1. the main process behind evolution, as stated by Charles Darwin. Also known as survival of the fittest, meaning those with superior traits are more likely to pass on their genes to the next generation.

This is how life on Earth has progressed for millions of years, driven by instincts encoded into the DNA of all living things. But sadly, as a result of several factors, including exponential intelligence, irrational emotions, etc, the species Homo sapiens is slowing down in terms of evolution. Due to the successful creation of societies and advancements in the sciences of medicine, humans have become exempt from the laws of natural selection, leading to degeneration within the species.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RACIST OPINION IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH CRAP LIKE SOCIAL DARWINISM OR BULLSHIT LIKE THAT. The point is, civilization has brought physical evolution of humanity to a halt. Medical and genealogical studies have revealed that those living in less industrialized or progressed regions or eras, differences in hygiene and anatomical knowledge aside, were more healthy and adaptable than people living in high-level civilizations. Or something like that.

Anyways, that's my opinion. Natural Selection doesn't apply to humans as long as humans stay indoors. Due to lapses in judgment, the "Unnatural Selection" that we have imposed on ourselves will bring doom to our species. Have a nice day!
fanaticalreligiousperson1: Natural selection doesn't exist!

concernedrationalperson2: True, in humanity's case. Otherwise, you're retarded.
by aka_Pyro May 13, 2007

spieces that adapt the best to their environment survive, while ones that don't adapt are eliminated.

(the name of the mod for half-life derived from this term, marines and aliens battling for racial supremacy)
the book "call of the wild" by Jack london defines the term natural selection.
by MostlyHarmless August 09, 2003
A user made mod by Flayra for half life, who set up his own company with the reputation he gained from it
Involves two teams, the Kharaa (alien) and the TSA (Marines) Who battle it out on base building, or combat maps. They gain upgrades and become more powerful

Has a large fan based community with many user made levels.
Dammit, im bored...Im gonna go play natural selection

Natural Selection Kicks ass

Natural Selection is much better than Counter Strike
by Wrin April 21, 2004
A term for Darwin's theory, which is a nice way of saying, "that fucktard was too stupid to live anyway. At least he's out of the gene-pool now."
by Fatass February 12, 2003
A mod to Half-life that is similar to Starcraft, and Aliens combined into a FPS with RTS included. Teamplay with aliens vs marines.
n00b: commander, gimme a jp/hmg now!
commander: no
n00b: eject him!
-Commander has been ejected-
by G2 July 12, 2003
The second best Half-Life modification.
Dude, CS is gay and its full of 8 year old kids and whiners and hackers and the mod himself has no teamwork at all. Natural-selection is a strategy and action mod that requires lots of teamwork and skilled players to win. go download it at www.natural-selection.org
by Gungsta-Pasta June 24, 2003
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