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A state with a population of just over a million people, visited by tourists year after year, their only goal is to piss off the natives, The person above has no idea what he is talking about because Maine is acutally a very expensive state to life in.
Maine, worth a visit, worth a lifetime.
Maine, now you've seen it, go home you tourist!
by G2 July 12, 2003
a white person, usually considered an insult
synonymous with "cracker"
Look at that crackerjack walking down the street
by g2 September 12, 2013
A mod to Half-life that is similar to Starcraft, and Aliens combined into a FPS with RTS included. Teamplay with aliens vs marines.
n00b: commander, gimme a jp/hmg now!
commander: no
n00b: eject him!
-Commander has been ejected-
by G2 July 12, 2003
Not a admin abuser, not even an admin, just a very cynical person.
MajorChrome: I hate everyone
by G2 January 08, 2004
He bans everyone he sees and is apparently god. Runs the maps at Hivemind.org
Me: Hey Elite
Elite Guard: Your banned
Maarlo: banned!
by G2 July 12, 2003
A half-life player with mad skillz.
UnsanePyro: Pwned
by G2 September 24, 2003
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