1. Another name for the Columbine High School massacre.

2. Words printed on the shirt worn by Eric Harris as he committed the above.
"Sometime in April me and V will get revenge and will kick natural selection up a few notches" - Eric David Harris
by ColumbineInBloom January 15, 2005
The only thing similar about Natural Selection's gameplay and Counter-Strike's is that they both involve two teams.
by Trent August 08, 2003
Natural selection occurs when having to select candidates from a plethora of curriculum vitae.

The cv's are discarded except 1. The rationale is; for this vacancy, we need a candidate who is lucky.
- There's the new guy we hired via the natural selection recruitment program.
- But he's worthless..
- I guess he just was lucky.
by aartjan March 17, 2011
a game that combine rts with a fps stature. Aliens vs Marines(Kharaa (alien) and the TSA (Marines)) in the future. Great hl1 mod, dont understand the bitching about the upgrading or balancing. Its more the map placement of res towers than anything else.
I knifed 2 onos in a row today. Panoolied.
by whuh? November 14, 2004
The BEST Half-Life modification (after DOD)
Dude, CS is gay and its full of 8 year old kids and whiners and hackers and the mod himself has no teamwork at all. Natural-selection is a strategy and action mod that requires lots of teamwork and skilled players to win. go download it at www.natural-selection.org
by Gungsta-Pasta June 24, 2003
An ass-kicking Half-Life Mod
No way dude, CS is so gay, lets play some Natural Selection!
by Duff-Man February 12, 2003
1. The mod that was known to be good before 2.0

2. A mod made by Flayra, the guy who gets controlled by the fanboys and top clans

3. A mod that requires teamwork that most people don't have

4. A mod that flayra re-designedto a 6 VS 6 clanmatch games
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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