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Nate is a nice guy and a good student and he is WEIRD! But I like him!
Nate:"knock knock"
Me: "What?"
by latenight7 November 29, 2011
He may seem all tough, but when it comes to his girl- he's a softie. Nate's are athletic & smart. They can be stubborn & like to argue. Nate's are amazing lovers, they like to make sure they're pleasing their partner. Nate's can be known as flirts. It's been recorded that Nate's often get along well with Trevor's, Tim's, Joe's, Taylor's, Elise's, Macy's & Carol's.

If you meet a Nate; keep him. He's a great friend & trustworthy.
Nate is cute, end of story.
by BonquishaSherice August 19, 2011
a fucking ninja, boss,beast,awesome bad muther fucker period end of story
none just nate
by beast6665 January 13, 2012
a guy who wants to get in your pants. he also is very annoying and will do anything to get his dick in a girl. he's very awkward but has a loving nature. His main goal in life is to get sex everywhere with everyone
girl1- Did you hear about Nate?
girl2-yeah, why?
girl1- i slept with him and it was amazing
girl2- oh no you didn't he's all mine. Nate is mine
Nate- Sorry (girl 1) i gave the best sex to girl #2000
by jellloooyyyy April 26, 2011
The best fiance in the world. Someone that is always there for you in a time of need. He's sweet and romantic but is also a realist. He can make you laugh and when you cry he's there to hold you close and tell you that everything will be okay. He is adorable in the way that he proposed to you, and tells you on a daily basis how much he loves you and cares about you and that you are beautiful. The best type of man in the world!
Friend: Was that nate?
Fiancee: yeah isn't he great?

friend: certainly is!
by Lairelelelerial February 17, 2010
The coolest person you will ever meet. Can tell a joke or off the cuff story with no hesitation. One could say that he should even move in with you because he's such a cool guy and a Loyal Friend
Person 1- did you see that guy walk in?

Person 2- that guy by the door?

Person 1- Yeah! He's such a Nate!
by Sonny Buddy's Girlfriend February 03, 2010
1. The politcally correct term for native Americans.

2. An expression of shock, surprise, or frustration.
1. I saw some nates building a teepee
by Boyd Mclymont March 13, 2006