a word used in place of "no". Commonly used in the North Eastern Massachusetts city, Haverhill.
"Bro wanna go to the football game tonight?"
"Nate! I have shit to do."
by newenglandpatriotsgirl November 13, 2012
Also known as Nathan.

A boy that will sweep you off your feet and steal your heart.

You'll fall fast for the kid but then he dumps you if he doesnt get what he wants(sex) and will mostly Cheat on you with a slut. You'll get a tattoo of his name while dating him and regret it afterward.

After dumping you, he will go and date your bestfriend(the type of friend known as a Brienne.)

Deffinatly a boy you'll cry over for a month straight.
"I can't believe Nate did that to me!"
by L0NEE W0LFF May 05, 2009
Wedgie picker, head scratcher, Star Wars fanatic, stutterer, ladies man.
"So it's Nate. And uhhh, I was wonderin', ya know...uhhh."
by FeMaSy September 14, 2011
2five3. fucking bomb ass (but assless) guy! girls think hes gay including his girlfriend. cute but denies it. very sweet and caring but can be an ass at times. loya;, loving, caring, unforgetable. has a penis. a PENIS. four9five is impossible to insult. pretty mellow. all around cool dude who likes everyone as a friend. 3. 6. six. three ;)
-heyy nate!
-hey whats up?
-screw you! you stole my girlfried you fagwad.
-its ok man. ill help you find a new one.
by not tinkerbell January 02, 2010
A player who would cheat on their current girlfriend just to get your attention, then break your heart by cheating on you </3
Girl 1: Hey, what happened to you?

Girl 2: I just got Nate'd
by Stupidlyinlike June 24, 2011
A status. Short for Native American. A 'greasy' or 'dirty' person. Someone who will do anything just to get high or drunk.
Damn nate picked my cigarette butt off the ground then asked me for a light!
You see that nate pouring beer into her pop bottle!?
by EmptyBowl April 22, 2011
When you have a planned event with another person with whom you don't want it "officially called a date. This is a "non-date", hence Nate
Jeremy: How was the date last night with your friend Tom?

Me: Tom is JUST a friend. It wasn't a date, it was a Nate!
by saturdaybusygirl November 20, 2010

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