pimp slapping someone
you just busted a nate on his ass
by juggalo family September 28, 2009
A nice guy at first, usually a player. But when he finds a girl, he sticks with her, that is until she won't sleep with him so he breaks up with her and is an asshole to her. Then he goes around and tries to get with a bunch of other girls. So Nate's are assholes and never date them.
My ex boyfriend, Nate.
by yes nate, this is your ex haha February 13, 2014
a guy who can be extremely sweet, but when u get to know him can be over the top. he can b extremely immature but is an extremely good sweet talker. sometimes to get attention he makes u feel sorry for him, yet u gotta love him.
EX: Don't go nate on me, gosh!!
by fdnsziopc; June 12, 2009
1. The politcally correct term for native Americans.

2. An expression of shock, surprise, or frustration.
1. I saw some nates building a teepee
by Boyd Mclymont March 13, 2006
The sweetest little adorable kid ever. he has blue eyes and blonde hair, and innocent. he loves trumpet and stuff like that.
yo, that kid is so cool
whats his name?
by Hurbludur January 06, 2012
Awesome guy that knows how to make you feel better no matter what. Favored sport definately baseball. He is a total badass at the plate and on the mound. You just can't beat him.
Guy 1: Did he just throw a perfect game!?

Guy 2: Yep, 15 strikeouts too.

Guy 1: Holy shit he's good.

Guy 2: Total Nate on the mound.
by BaseballPlayer67354351 December 08, 2012
a word used in place of "no". Commonly used in the North Eastern Massachusetts city, Haverhill.
"Bro wanna go to the football game tonight?"
"Nate! I have shit to do."
by newenglandpatriotsgirl November 13, 2012

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