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Taken from the character Carlton from Fresh Prince. A Black man that follows the steriotypes of a white man rather than black steriotypes.
Carlton from Fresh Prince
by m-dubya March 07, 2005
Voted number 1 for worst movies on IMDB. It is a true work of art and you have to be with friends to appreciate all the awkward silences and every thing Torgo does in the movie is pure gold.
Manos is a movie sooooo bad that it is hilarious
by m-dubya May 26, 2005
A term used for a black man that has sold out or acts white. See also Carlton
Carlton from Fresh Prince is a Naucasian
by m-dubya March 07, 2005
A sopping wet vagina
She had a sopping wet pink umbrella from being soo horny and wanting me sooo bad.
by m-dubya May 24, 2005
A term for an addiction to the band System of a Down
Mike listens to System of a Down all day, he has down syndrome.
by m-dubya May 28, 2005
Someone who is of Native American heritage.
There was a dirty nate sitting on the curb begging for money
by m-dubya July 06, 2006
A term used for someone who is Phillipino.
There are so many Phillies at the mall.
by m-dubya March 10, 2005

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