To urinate. To relieve your bladder of urine. Applies to both male and female.
"Where's your bathroom? I need to take a nate." Whoa! I feel a nate coming on.
by Nate's friend September 16, 2013
Funny, awesomeatron, cool, gorgeous, way talented, cat lover, hip, jiving, racist badger loving, Old Gregg imitating, uber nerd, lovable geek and so totally kissable.
He's so nate!
by natesoneandonly February 03, 2010
The best boyfriend in the world. a short, cute, athletic, smart male who is amazing. With his big brown eyes, and heart-melting smile it's hard not to fall for him. i wait all day just to see him for an hour or two, but hes worth it.
person 1: who are you dating?
person 2: nate
person 1: lucky! nate is awesome!
person 2: i know :)
by N.V.<3 October 02, 2011
Quiet spoken guy who doesnt talk much. He has an abnormally large penis! He is athletic and always there to please his woman. She is his number 1 prority. Will never let u down in or outside of the sheets.
by Realdeal1234 May 01, 2013
Yo that Nate like a kickstand
by Jimmy jax January 20, 2014
Homeless looking dude who plays guitar like a maniac . Long mane with a bushy "Duck Dynasty Beard" that would easily put Si out of his wimply bearded misery. May or may not BE homeless, but he certainly acts it. And smells it. In his spare time, he follows small children around and throws kittens at them. Some say that he's the Norse Heavy Metal God who taught Hendrix how to play. To this he said, "I eat old ladies with my Fruit Loops."

Notice: If seen, report immediately to the police. He wasn't kidding. Apparently, kid's grandmothers had been going down to his belly! Who'da Thunk?
I'm horrified of this cracker, Nate, man. But, yowza! Sham-pow-Ya-MAC-Diddly-Do! That honkey can jammmmm!

-Jimi Hendrix, After an excessive amount of LSD
by Sfgvdggzsadhhnvcfbddhfaujngg96 December 16, 2014
1. Slang for natives.These dirty fuckers live in western Canada and all have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome so they don't give a fuck about you or your stuff. They will steal anything of value that they see and aren't afraid to jump you from behind like the pussies that they are.

2. Used to describe undesirable people who are stupid, clueless and often unnecessarily violent.
1. Man some nates tried to jump me and a buddy at the Forks but they didn't see we had hockey sticks. Broke those fuckers noses.

2. Yo don't invite Chris, he's a fuckin nate.
by Baker Hill December 15, 2010

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