A leet term coming from games like world of warcraft.

A nard is a noob and a tard combined.
"wow you really suck, you nard."
by fatalia of uldum October 07, 2009
A Nard is combination of a nerd and a retard.
Wow, that person is such a Nard.
by lakersgirl373 May 25, 2009
Short form for someone is a nerd who acts like retard and is a complete loser has no brains. Totally in between a nerd and a retard.
A wanna be popular person but is too anal to achieve anything but a picking on someone that is geeky to them.
Which is them.
Someone that comes to you drunk after he/she has hit on you mate.
Nard-Hey dude just came by to see if your girlfriends home?
You-What??? Are you fucking Nard??? I should kick the fucking shit out of you...
Nard-Just asking...
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009
Collective noun for 4 pints of real ale.
Do you fancy garn up the pub for a nard
by David Robert Proud September 29, 2008
acronym for Not A Real Doctor
psychiatrist, radiologist, pathologist. As in, "I got a psych consult to give a hypertensive HCTZ. NARDs."
by Charlotte January 09, 2008
Taboo term used to refer to the testicles
Mr. Example is such a nard, i can't believe he gave us that hard test
by Nate brown May 07, 2007
a small compact bud of marijuana, usually of exceptionally high (or even augmented) THC content.
Let's smoke these harsh nards.
by da spliffaman March 20, 2007

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