Another word for faecies
There is nard on your shoe
by Bobbie July 22, 2003
something that is useless, unnecessary or not needed
That area rug on top of the rug is such a nard
by nardster October 03, 2011
When a guy gets a little hard but not really.
hey my boyfriehd just got a Nard on, but it lasted only a few seconds
by Emilbightybobian November 03, 2005
Term used for unidentified sticky substances usually found on the floor (especially light colored tiles) after one has hosted a party the night before. Use may also be extended to include anything disgusting, and can be used in many contexts.
Hey! Look at that disgusting nard on the floor.
I feel like nard.
Your outfit looks like nard.
My mouth tastes like nard.
I feel very nardlike today.
by FG March 15, 2005
not quite a nerd, a wannabe nerd
people who tend to play video games a lot
by Ben Dover September 07, 2003
north american rural dweller
redneck, person who has 3 big expensive pick up trucks a few snow mobiles parked outside their dilapidated trailer
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
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