a nickname for your pointer finger(the one next to your thumb).
Dude, quit tugging on my nard!
by The Gootch October 12, 2006
Term used for unidentified sticky substances usually found on the floor (especially light colored tiles) after one has hosted a party the night before. Use may also be extended to include anything disgusting, and can be used in many contexts.
Hey! Look at that disgusting nard on the floor.
I feel like nard.
Your outfit looks like nard.
My mouth tastes like nard.
I feel very nardlike today.
by FG March 15, 2005
short nickname for the first cave dweller named leonardo. known for his superior shelving ability and great computer hacking and numchucks skills. a standard that is hard to live up to, unless you're a danio'neal, then it can be pulled off with the greatest of ease.
he was such a nard he was almost a danio'neal, God didn't even know how he had created someone so great.
by Dani O'Neal January 13, 2005
A massive nerd, in size or extremity.
A nerd who is a decker.
Chompsky says, "When we were down at the 'net caffe we saw this nard owningat a game so we gathered around and began to gang dork his deck.
by Slag November 28, 2004
a type of grass found in europe or asia or europe of little or no importance.
the epitome of all things nerdy.
Derek and Tristen are nards.
by N2C December 10, 2003
a cross between a nerd and a retard.
yesterday my boyfriend went to chess club! what a f***ing nard!
by megan November 14, 2003
not quite a nerd, a wannabe nerd
people who tend to play video games a lot
by Ben Dover September 07, 2003

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