a small compact bud of marijuana, usually of exceptionally high (or even augmented) THC content.
Let's smoke these harsh nards.
by da spliffaman March 20, 2007
onomopaeanic term for the sound created in the colision of chuckles and ballistic gel in a vacuum. when attached to an exclamation the bearer of such term becomes the axis mundi of the exclamation, as a non-cultish living hierophony of the term.
oh. i am suddenly overcome by a infinite vertago of sickness and pleasure as if six flags and zoom floom waterpark is in my head. the weeeiNARD cometh.
by dandandan December 16, 2006
A mangina'd male or a pretty funny insult
Andrew has such a nard...
Andrew is such a nard...
by Fathom Futon May 02, 2006
What a nard!
by Saiyan_toilet July 07, 2003
A. To carry your team on your back
B. To completely destroy some by shitting on their face
C. Weaving in and out of massive moving crowds
D. What ever floats your boat
E. To hit some one with a hot chocolate mug
A. Nard dog ran train
B. I just narded that bitch
C. We narded hardcore after the Penn State game
D. Using nard as a verb, noun, or adjective in any situation
E. He narded that bitch to death
by thenardmaster October 30, 2010
1. A mix of the words retard and nerd.

2. The male genitalia specifically the balls
All you nards get to bed (def 1)
by Mr.Frierland December 07, 2009
1. A person who, from an objective collective social viewpoint, simply doesn't cut it.
2. Someone or something that defies being taken seriously.
3. A self-confident source of embarrassment for everybody.
4. An everyday inconvenience.
That Sting is such a nard these days.
by Jackie Lightning, 1992 November 21, 2010

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