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Cooler Way Of Saying NOOB
Anthony : Your Sucha NARB
Alexa : Your Sucha Tool =P
by Anthony-Creative April 07, 2010
No Apparent Reason for a Bonner. such as a bonner you got in a math class, or while driving to work.
1)The reason I didnt Stand up for the Pledge of Alegance today, is because as soon as I sat down I got a Narb.

2) I will meet you inside, if i stand up right now everyone will see my Narb.

3) dude, im totally Narbing right now.
by Adome1012442 December 08, 2009
Meaning No Appearant Reason Boner(s). Can be morning wood or anytime you get arroused when theres no real reason to
What the hell dude! Why do you have a NARB?
by Theman8621 June 16, 2009
Not Altogether Really Bright
Junior High age youth use non-sexual meanings of terms they here older (High School/College) young adults use. This is one of a couple meanings the younger crowd has for the term.

The new kid is such a NARB, he doesn't do anything right.
by BillK June 04, 2009
A Narb is 1 (one) rank below the common frase "n00b" such as used on runescape and WoW.
Jay You Are A Fucking Narb.
by Tyler Scott-Eggert November 03, 2007
Someone who resides in Narbeth, Pennsylvania. Taken from the full word Narbeth. Often viewed as a negative term, or someone who is a nuisance to mankind.
Dude, that kid just ate all my crackers!", "I know, he's such a Narb.
by Chillychillchill June 16, 2010
The new "noob"
Gamer1: WTF! That kid keeps teamkilling!

Gamer2: He's such a narb
by CHAHAY January 23, 2010