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Cooler Way Of Saying NOOB
Anthony : Your Sucha NARB
Alexa : Your Sucha Tool =P
by Anthony-Creative April 07, 2010
13 23
No Apparent Reason for a Bonner. such as a bonner you got in a math class, or while driving to work.
1)The reason I didnt Stand up for the Pledge of Alegance today, is because as soon as I sat down I got a Narb.

2) I will meet you inside, if i stand up right now everyone will see my Narb.

3) dude, im totally Narbing right now.
by Adome1012442 December 08, 2009
6 16
Meaning No Appearant Reason Boner(s). Can be morning wood or anytime you get arroused when theres no real reason to
What the hell dude! Why do you have a NARB?
by Theman8621 June 16, 2009
4 14
Not Altogether Really Bright
Junior High age youth use non-sexual meanings of terms they here older (High School/College) young adults use. This is one of a couple meanings the younger crowd has for the term.

The new kid is such a NARB, he doesn't do anything right.
by BillK June 04, 2009
2 12
A Narb is 1 (one) rank below the common frase "n00b" such as used on runescape and WoW.
Jay You Are A Fucking Narb.
by Tyler Scott-Eggert November 03, 2007
20 30
Someone who resides in Narbeth, Pennsylvania. Taken from the full word Narbeth. Often viewed as a negative term, or someone who is a nuisance to mankind.
Dude, that kid just ate all my crackers!", "I know, he's such a Narb.
by Chillychillchill June 16, 2010
2 13
The new "noob"
Gamer1: WTF! That kid keeps teamkilling!

Gamer2: He's such a narb
by CHAHAY January 23, 2010
6 17