Narb is a lot like the common gamer insult of n00b.

Narb can also be used as an adj. discribing how awesome an item is.
Narb can be used in a few different ways:

Something can be Narbly, "Dude ur car is totaly Narbly!"

Insult, "U R such a Narb, u cant even fish for tuna!"
by Lethal Catch / skryptik July 30, 2009
narb, well this is a giant noob in World of Warcraft
many people refer to others who cannot or dont know how to play their classes, or roles
"hey i had no mana bro!"
"what a fucking NARB!"
by Matitty December 24, 2007
Noob+Idoit+Fucking Dumbass = Narb
STFU fraking Narblet I can pwn ur Narbly Ass ne day
by Chimmichonga August 21, 2007
An acronym meaning; No Apparent Reason Boner. When a males penis is erect without stimulation, or arousal.
Today in the gym I was wearing these old sweats with a hole in the crotch, and I got a NARB!
by Effon March 26, 2007
narb:noun, 1)referring to narberth, a .57 square mile borough in the center of lower merion township, or 2)referring to a resident of narberth, often known for their blue collar way of life, high alcoholism rates, and regular fights at the 3 bars in town, the greeks, the g.a.p. (great american pub) and mcsheas
1)yo are you going to be in narb tomorrow?
2)the narbs are having a block party
by matt (woody) November 15, 2006
No Apparent Reason Boner. Enough Said.
Aaron totally had a NARB yesterday.
by Juan "Dirty Sanchez" Ramirez August 01, 2006
unable to get a boner while watching porn because of watching it too much
jake jacking off too much while watching porn(NARB)
by holacomoestas? July 03, 2010

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