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Whenever a guy gets a bonner out of no where (No Apperent Reason Bonner)
John:"dude, whats up with your pants man??"
Steve:"don't worry, just a narb, i swear."
by Snakeinmyboot August 26, 2009
Stands for Not A Real Bro
Jon is such a narb!!! He ditched me yesterday to talk to another girl!!!

Chu is so narb!!! He chooses hoes before bros!!!
by jonchuemo4eva July 05, 2009
No Apparent Reason Barking
Those dogs are NARBs.

Common refrain at dogs in a neighborhood all seem to be barking at the same time.
by BillK June 04, 2009
No Apparent Reason Babbling
Junior High age youth use non-sexual meanings of terms they here older (High School/College) young adults use. This is one of a couple meanings the younger crowd has for the term.

After class a couple of classmates refer to a fellow classmate as a "NARB" because of all the talking in class.
by BillK June 04, 2009
Another sland word meaning noob, or loser.
Narb can be used in any expression.
Boy 1: Dude, it took me 10days to be Assasin's Creed
Boy 2: 10 days?! You're a freaking narb!
by njeKt November 30, 2007
A Flying Penis. Old people usualy get it.
When the penis is errect narbs will crawl around the penis
by Chri$ July 17, 2006
literally, "no apparent reason boner";
also used to generally define an erection; a stiffy
It was unfortunate that I had a huge narb when the teacher called me to her desk.
by Jack September 21, 2003