A Flying Penis. Old people usualy get it.
When the penis is errect narbs will crawl around the penis
by Chri$ July 17, 2006
unable to get a boner while watching porn because of watching it too much
jake jacking off too much while watching porn(NARB)
by holacomoestas? July 03, 2010
A n00b so epic that he/she deserves their own label. A n00b who thinks that they own the world and can pwn anyone, regardless of experience or time playing a game. Anyone who didnt know better would think that a n00b had 200+ IQ compared to a narb. A n00b that embarasses other players in the game and gets owned by normal n00bs.
examples are in reference to RuneScape

/ -level 80 wearing granite plate and rune platelegs- r0fl pl0x! lvl128 with a godsword? ill pwnt u!!! n00b!!!

/ > -level 13 talking to a level 115- d00d u r such a fgt! arma iz 4 kweers! my main will pwn u! hes lvl138!

> -level 115- ok fine. lets fight then. world 66. lets see what your main can do

> -level 13- w/e u fgt hes 2 g00d for u! i r Pro l33t! gf n00b

> -level 115- wow. that dude is such a narb. he wont fight me with his fake main.
by S1x Legi0ns August 20, 2009
No Aparent Reason Boner
A stiffy u pop outta no where.
What the fuck i was jus chillin a popped a massive narb.
I was chillin in class and got a narb and jus flipped it up onto my stomach so i wouldnt pitch a tent.
by Bizzzy January 29, 2008
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