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It's the initials of the buffest man alive--Justin Timberlake...
Have you heard J.T's new song?
by Ebony_babe November 05, 2003
an amazing Masterpiece of a man, known to be a Lion in the sheets with the women, he has a bad-ass attitude because of his hard life, yet is still a romantic and seducer at heart and the ladies thighs become wet when they are around him, his intelligence is profound, his physical body sensual and divine, his presence dominates everything in his sight, and he makes your world a better place for him being in your life
"He is JT..nothing else needs to be said"

(girl #1) Who was that?
(girl #2) thats JT...
(girl #1) ...silent while fantasizing about herself with JT & girl #2 in amazing sensual pleasures

(at this point, both girls thighs get moist with attraction)
by J.Lion March 14, 2010
Someone kind and caring. A person who is crazy and loud and different from a lot of people. Someone who is just themselves, and doesnt try to be someone else. A person who is quiet at times and loud at others. Someone who may seem happy and outgoing all the time, but on the inside is a shy person who has/has had a hard life. A crazy person who loves to have fun but sometimes gets picked on because of their crazyness. A person that likes what they like no matter what anyone thinks about it. An overrall great person who is nice, caring, and just a great friend.
Oh wow that person is definately Jt
by The Black Cat Heartnet November 18, 2010
Justin Timberlake as in the dude from NSync who made it big
Mr. J.T. whatcha got fo me
by KGfromtheguttuh July 30, 2005
A bad ass mothafucker who you better not fuck around with or he will punch the living fucking day light out of you .
all woman want him he has 8 1/2 inches and is a master at gettin the chicks

by j.t.s man June 06, 2009
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