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3 definitions by Pirune

Similar to the word ownage, but is used in some type of online war or battle. It is used to describe the war/battle as being ownage.
Person1: Isn’t this clan war great?
Person2: Yeah! It’s so swarage!
by Pirune June 24, 2009
Apart from being the acronym for “no apparent reason boner”, it is also used by people in place of the term noob to try and make themselves sound cool. It is most commonly used in online games.
Person1: How do I make money?
Person2: Stfu narb
Person1: Are you calling me a boner?
Person2: Omg It can also mean noob you narb!
by Pirune May 25, 2009
Abbreviation of the term: wrong person

Used in online chatting to someone when you have accidentally sent a message to them that was supposed to go to another person. By replying “wp” to the person you accidentally sent the message to, they know that it wasn’t for them.
Tom: Last night’s party was great!
Paul: Yah superb
Tom: Remember when we drunked and stoned that chick?
Jim: Wtf? I didn’t do that.
Tom: oops, wp
Jim: kk
Paul: You there?
Tom: O yah sorry. I wp someone.
by Pirune May 11, 2009