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A Bonner is gay, usually a flamboyant Scene Queen as well.
Bonners are funny, intelligent, gentle people despite their often outlandish appearances.
Neal: "Which one is Bonner?"

Bob: "Come on, you can't miss him, he is the bear that brought that beard home last week to meet his parents."
by Pretty Boy January 21, 2010
Yea It's Actually A Last Name And Some Dumb A** People Think It's BONER. Bonner Sounds Like Bonn-Ner. Boner Is Bone-Ner.
by MusicNTattoos August 09, 2009
to epically and actively flake out all the time
to fear follow through
to make an effort to contradict one's words
to bail repetitively
She said she's coming, but she'll probably just bonner again.
by the kids you ditched April 17, 2012
Bonner (bawh-ner) verb.

Bonner, or to be bonnered. The act of jerking a man off with his own pocket pussy. Also assosciated with the Dutch Bonner and double Dutch Bonner.
Man that dude really bonnered the shit out of me last night.

Hey man will you Bonner me?
by super taco January 30, 2014
Code name for a boner. Normally you say this to disguise the fact that their is an irregularly large bump in your pants.
Paul: Dude, I've got a huge bonner right now.

Army Pete: What do you mean bonner?
by Bobby, Bernie, Paul July 05, 2008
British English slang for bonnet (American equiv = hood of your car). Listen to M.I.A. "Bamboo Banga"
"Barbarella looks like she my dead ringer
When I'm dogging on the bonner of your red Honda"
by Laccro February 17, 2010
Bonner is the female equivalent of boner, an unsophisticated way of relaying that a female is aroused.
I was making out with Megan last night, we didnt have sex but i could tell she had a total bonner!

My old lady had a bonner last night but I was so tired I told her I had a headache.
by Imagiveyouabonner January 29, 2012
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