see black people's hair
Did you see that black chick?

Yea, her hair was nappy!
#black #african american #darkie #nigger #nigga
by Shewhoobserves August 01, 2009
1.A word to describe a hoes weave which is particularly disgusting.
Hoe:I's up fo grabs
Tom: Fuck no wit yo nappy weave
#nappy #weave #hoe #skank #ew
by alliemaeeeee October 09, 2008
one of African desent who has tightly coiled unkept hair; one with locks of hair that is tightly curled that is unwashed and uncombed
Sholanda has such nappy hair you can see her buckshots even after she gets a perm.
by K-izzle May 02, 2005
1.A word originally coming from a black person's hair.
Describing it as not brushed, and messy looking but in a negative way.
2.Also can be to describe anything that is gross and negative.
3.Can also be used as a feeling.
1.Look at her hair, it's just plain out nappy!
2.Dude, look at that shirt it is so nappy!
3.John: Do you want that drink?
Bob: No! It's nappy as hell!
4.I'm sick, I feel nappy!
#gross #not attractive #nappyness #nappyland #sick #messy.
by Sienna B. December 03, 2007
another word for female genetalia, usually a black woman's genetalia
black pussy
she's giving up the nappy
by vidal harrison July 22, 2005
A word used by certain radio shock jocks in order to put down Black women especially those that play professional college basketball.
Just a bunch of nappy headed hos
#nigger #blacky #chocolate face #darky #color of the night
by Jimmy Cat April 12, 2007
based on the other definitions here :

A nap is what the British called a diaper. The black folk used these diaper looking rags to cover their dirty hair. Thus rendering their hair as nappy.
Them bitches just wore a diaper on their heads to hide their nappy ass hair.
#nappy #nap #diaper #rag #don imus
by mama Hobbs April 01, 2008
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