a girl that is extremly/hideously ugly and has an awfully cheesy taste in boys,chlothes,and friends.

an object,country,person,picture, ie anything that is disliked

curly unstaightened hair usually applyed to jewish and black communitys

a persian person.
hey dude look how nappy that girl sivan is.

i really dont like mexico city last time i went i thought it was pretty nappy.

look how nappy that jewish guys hair is

oprah,sivan tshani,rosie odonnell,hilary clinton,michael more
by willie thornton December 04, 2007
I just woke up and my hairs all nappy.
I didn't take a shower and I'm wearing clothes from yesterday, I'm feeling nappy.
by F75 July 08, 2003
Climbing Harness (Entertainment Industry slang)
Best go and put your nappy on mate! your climbing on the truss in a minute!
by Afghan John April 28, 2005
a short guy, or girl who is way too bossy and controlling. They act like the French dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte.
Can you believe Shanon. She is so nappy. Nobody her size should be such a bossy bitch.
by Slayer August 21, 2004
ugly, disgusting, disheveled, unkempt, needs to brush hair, teeth, etc.
"Ew! Carole looks like a nappy machine this morning! Lets go kill her!"
by chop_shop July 28, 2004
a word often used to describe one's hair when it is not straightened in some way(perm, relaxer, straightening comb), when one's hair is in small tight curls, could be used as an adjective to describe someone else's hair.
I need a perm, my newgrowth is growing out, and it is really nappy.
by fedouble82 September 29, 2003
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