In a state of being unkempt of messy. Often in reference to hair.
"That rastaman has some nappy dreadlocks."
by x January 31, 2003
Exhibiting the qualities of nap fabric.
Man that shit is nappy.
by Andrew Zitnay June 17, 2006
sleepy, bored, takes naps a lot
Yeah, we take naps a lot. We're just nappy people.
by Shannon August 23, 2003
when something is a shit faced wanker
kieran is so nappy, he's a shit faced wanker.
by harry chefson June 23, 2003
Nasty, rank, rancid, dirrty, stank, gross, wrong
Those are some nappy feet!
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
dirty, messy (students, see also nappy head)
Will you please get that nappy hair cut.
by Light Joker January 26, 2005
Shortened version of "not happy"

See unhappy
Trevor was nappy with Trev for stealing his banana.
by Alex and Luke September 18, 2007

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