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The most outrageous and extraordinary point of intoxication.
Nappyness is usually accomplished around 10:17pm. You may receive indescribable feelings after truely reaching the maximum state of nappyness, as if you just spent a whole day inside biggie smalls pants. The stages of nappyness can be alarming and somewhat scary to a beginner nappyhead. Just embrace the nappyness and dont try to fight it.
After snorting bars, drinking alcohol, and smoking bud, the young female showed signs of nappyness. There was absolutely no turning back at that point, she was going to have the best night of her life.
by Nappyheadz March 29, 2011
19 65
Nappy (nap-ee)
1. extremely objectionable, offensive, or disgusting;
2. in need of cleaning;
3. gag me with a spoon;

synonyms: gross, disgusting, nasty,foul,vulgar
" Her feet were so nappy that a sandblaster would be required."
by Princess Heart September 17, 2009
23 70
nasty, gross, disgusting. Opposite of cute.
Example 1: After working out Anna was sweaty and looked very nappy.

Example 2: Dang, she looks nappy!!
by jaymmers April 18, 2013
28 76
Nappy is a word usually used to me nasty or disgusting
Dude, that fart was so nappy
by uglybuddy6 June 13, 2011
32 80
Nappy is essentially a mix between the words "nasty" and "crappy". It it used to describe anything that would disgust the user of the word.
Guy 1: Ugh, dude, did you fart?
*Guy 2 giggles*
Guy 1: Dude, that's nappy!

Guy 1: There's a bone in my McChicken...
Guy 2: Nappy, dude... We're goin' back.
by GrahammyBear September 19, 2010
31 79
Someone who is in love with someone but they have no chance of being with that person.
There's this girl who has been in love with me for about 7 years. She's a good friend, but I would NEVER take it to the next level. I do NOT see her in that light nor could I EVER see her in that light. Moreover, she has absolutely no chance with me. Therefore, she is a Nappy...
by Jerlene May 24, 2010
9 57
Disgusting, revolting, ugly, rank, or vile.
JG: Slal did u see that chick at the dance?
Slal: Yeah gross she was nappy as hell!
by slalz December 06, 2009
29 77