A term derived from "nasty" and Don Imus used to describe the following:

1. Something Disgusting
2. Ugly
3. Hairy
4. in some cases somthing that just isn't right
Dillon: "Hey I was thinking about asking out Eva."
JL: "Dude don't do it. Have you seen her legs man? That shit is Nappy."
by Siferilious Drake May 14, 2009
an adjective used to describe someone or something that is uncool or undesirable.
Look at that guy with the nappy mullet.
by Bones Davis March 23, 2010
Disgusting, revolting, ugly, rank, or vile.
JG: Slal did u see that chick at the dance?
Slal: Yeah gross she was nappy as hell!
by slalz December 06, 2009
"Did you see that new girl? She is nappy."
"Jessica's new shoes are so nappy."
by sleezyy October 16, 2009
Nappy (nap-ee)
1. extremely objectionable, offensive, or disgusting;
2. in need of cleaning;
3. gag me with a spoon;

synonyms: gross, disgusting, nasty,foul,vulgar
" Her feet were so nappy that a sandblaster would be required."
by Princess Heart September 17, 2009
1. (Noun) Someone with excessively frizzy or curly hair. They often get self-concious of there nappiness and call the kid that sits behind them nappy even though he keeps his hair under control. Occasionally they will also get jealous of his shoes and go buy a pair for themselves. But, he cant blame her because he does have some pretty nifty kicks.

2. (Noun) Brittish term for diaper.
1. Ashley was self-concious of her borderline-dreadlocks so she nicknamed Michael "nappy" and stole his shoes.

2. Ashley was never potty-trained and still wears a nappy.
by NotMichael August 27, 2009
1.A word to describe a hoes weave which is particularly disgusting.
Hoe:I's up fo grabs
Tom: Fuck no wit yo nappy weave
by alliemaeeeee October 09, 2008

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