When ever you feel tired and ready to take a nap.
Guy 1: "Hey bro let's go set a homeless man on fire"
Guy 2: "Nah man, I have had a long day and feel nappy, maybe after I take a nap"
by JohnJaxion February 12, 2013
an adjective used to describe someone or something that is uncool or undesirable.
Look at that guy with the nappy mullet.
by Bones Davis March 23, 2010
A term derived from "nasty" and Don Imus used to describe the following:

1. Something Disgusting
2. Ugly
3. Hairy
4. in some cases somthing that just isn't right
Dillon: "Hey I was thinking about asking out Eva."
JL: "Dude don't do it. Have you seen her legs man? That shit is Nappy."
by Siferilious Drake May 14, 2009
nasty, gross, disgusting. Opposite of cute.
Example 1: After working out Anna was sweaty and looked very nappy.

Example 2: Dang, she looks nappy!!
by jaymmers April 18, 2013
Nappy is a word usually used to me nasty or disgusting
Dude, that fart was so nappy
by uglybuddy6 June 13, 2011
The most outrageous and extraordinary point of intoxication.
Nappyness is usually accomplished around 10:17pm. You may receive indescribable feelings after truely reaching the maximum state of nappyness, as if you just spent a whole day inside biggie smalls pants. The stages of nappyness can be alarming and somewhat scary to a beginner nappyhead. Just embrace the nappyness and dont try to fight it.
After snorting bars, drinking alcohol, and smoking bud, the young female showed signs of nappyness. There was absolutely no turning back at that point, she was going to have the best night of her life.
by Nappyheadz March 29, 2011
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