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The act of a man grinding his penis back and forth on a woman's pelvis, stomach or buttcrack. This is a method of gratification used when penetration is not allowed for any number of reasons.
I'm so tired of the French Ravine! I've got to find someone more appropriately . . . I don't know, kinda dirty or something.
by Moralizer April 24, 2010
New American Protestant, or New Age Protestant.

One of those Evangelical Christians who for whatever reason (maybe because they're left leaning or young or individualistic or don't know any better) don't want to be referred to as Evangelical or Charismatic or whatever. Often they will refer to their religion as "Non-denominational" or just "Christian"
I'm tired of the French Ravine. I've got to stop dating all these NAP girls and find someone who's . . . I dunno, kinda dirty or something.
by Moralizer April 24, 2010

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