To be without clothes.
Don't come in, I'm nakers and I don't want you to see this horrible rash I've developed in unspeakable places!
by Danielle May 10, 2004
Top Definition
in irleand:
Nakers originaly degrading term used for travellers, but now used for anybody wearin a tracksuit with a shaved head and a baseball cap at a 90degree angle upwards on their head.

nakers may be found in most towns sitting on walls engaging in underage drinking asking for "fags"(cigarets) or just "startin"(pickin a fight).
that pub is full of nakers.
by kool_dude_hamer July 02, 2006
From naked, a different, possibly cuter way to say someone doesn't have a scrap of clothing on.

As opposed to naked, this word only applies to people, rather then also to inamiate objects.
"I'm nakers! I'm nakers!"
"That's nice son, no go put some pants on."
by Hamelin May 13, 2004
Getting naked with your neighbors.
We had a block party and we all got nakers.
by pHuCkEd April 13, 2010
Exclamations used when one has found a naked person.
When walking into a locker room full of middle aged fat men, "NAKERS!!! RUN!!!"
by Rocko May 12, 2004
a female is nakers when her tits, ass, and pussy are all out
She got nakers right in front of me and my cock grew ten inches
by Nudy May 10, 2004
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