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Digital Mastering created by George Lucas, Used in Many theaters, makes movies look good and sound good.
"that movie was in THX"
by Rocko March 28, 2004
Slang for Photographer; it's usage was once thought of as cool, and in some circles still is. However, some photographers take offence to being called "photogs"
Johnny: "Wow, are you a Photog?"
Rocko: "If you call me that one more time, I'm going to kick your white suburbanite ass."
by Rocko May 26, 2004
Truly the Cars of the gods, More Based on Torque than HP, More on Performance than looks, Car that every true auto fan should have. They are loud but that shows how strong it is. Cons are it a gas chugger.
"all Japanese cars and Euro's don't stand a chance against american Muscle"
by rocko March 28, 2004
a.k.a. "Suck-o-zilla"!!!!!
Oh no,it is suck-o-zilla!
by Rocko December 01, 2004
8 cylinder,fuel injected engine manufactured by Chevrolet. Engine found in 1993 to 1997 F-Body's. Placing 320HP at the rear wheels.
Nice LT1 in that camaro
by rocko June 07, 2004
Major Manufacturer of Aftermarket parts made in the United States. Dependable Parts, wide selection parts for Muscle Cars, Sport Compacts, and Motorcycles. Parts that you can depend to increase performance, and last a long time
Damn, Edelbrock makes everything
I just got my Intake manifold for a Chevy 350
by Rocko June 25, 2004
Exemplifying utter bitchiness.
I can't stand to be around my girl this time of the month; she's too friggin' bitchtastic.
by Rocko November 24, 2003

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