verb: to penetrate with penis

verb: to screw financially
1. I nailed her 3 times last night.

2. She really nailed me in the divorce settlement, I lost almost everything of value to her lawyer.
by Jake March 06, 2004
Extremely and painfully annoying, similarly to the sound of finger-nails scratching down a chalkboard.
That drag queen is nails! All she does is start drama and talk behind other people's backs.
by russtarr December 14, 2010
A modern term meaning cool, good, sick, talented or the likewise.

The antonym would be screws, which is generally an insult meaning uncool and often homosexual.
Person 1: Have you played that new video game? It's so nails.
Person 2: Ya, but I'm not very good at it. Are you?
Person 1: Ya, I'm good at everything.
Person 2: You're so nails.
by Seveneightyone February 12, 2011
A small metal spike used in construction.
The hardened end of human's extremities, IE Fingernails and toenails.
1Jesus was NAILED to the cross...with nails.
2Dont bite your fingernails!
by Rgb October 21, 2003
The part of a joint or blunt that is not smoked because it is too small. Same thing as a roach.
Do we still have that nail?
Put that nail in he bowl.
by Kevin Brizz March 09, 2009
A NAIL is a RAIL of cocaine that has a large bump at the beginning(or ending) point, thus creating a large line resembling the likes of a... nail.

One may decide to utilize the bump at the beginning for an explosive start to their coke binge or at the end as a "grand finale".

The fatness of this "bump" (or "nail head") may be 1.5 to 2.5 times that of the primary rail.
Hey man, razor a FAT nail for me.
by BrandonR November 30, 2007
1) To strike an object with another object, i.e. to hit a baseball with a baseball bat.

2) To make a goal in a sporting event.
1) C'Mon man, nail that ball out of here!

2) I tried to nail a shot from halfcourt but it missed the goal altogether and struck my five-year-old brother between the eyes.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
1. disagreeable; unpleasent;
2. crass; cheaply vulgar; tasteless; crude
3. junk; ugly; unappealing
4. mean; cruel (said of one's treatment of another)
The exact origin of this word's usage are unknown but contemporarily has been used inHawaii's gay and mahu (Transgender) community for the past 30 or so years.
1. Mary, the flowers at this wedding are so NAILS! Yellow, mauve, and brown?
2. Girl, look her Miss USA's evening gown. Yuck, so NAILS!
3. No, I don't feel like eating there again their food is NAILS!
4. Damn I got detention. My teacher is no NAILS
by monoiki January 18, 2008
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