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A n00b.

A novice, one who plays, thinks or behaves like a novice, one whose self-acclaim is greatly superior to their actual expertise or accomplishments.
This stupid n00bie on my team ran into the room right after I naded it.
by DMI October 02, 2003
82 17
a term used by idiotic bitter people ( who usually dont know jack shit) to poke fun at newcomers to a game/discipline/chat etc;
by El Bichote April 27, 2003
68 33
Someone who doesn't know what 'lmao' means or thinks it's 'imao'.
"wat does imao mean"
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
84 64
Some one who acts like they got a low IQ on a Message board or chat room.
Yo, n00bie, now about looking in da FAQ section to find out how to get a signature, avatar, or post an image.
by King of Da Wackos July 01, 2005
39 24
A very good friend that is an immature n00b
tell me your not a n00bie
by LOLZER828 January 18, 2009
1 13