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A person who spends most of their life on the internet,doing such things as bloging,watching porn,making, 'n00bie vids' on YouTube, or making weird words on Urban Dictionary,l33ting, ECT.
dude: Last night i made two Vlogs on youtube,and watched some anal domination vids,and spamed sone sick dog to all my n00bies

dudette:*scoff* your such an internet bum
by LOLZER828 January 18, 2009
When you use the public restroom and you notice the hand-drier has three pieces of bacon going into a pair of hands.
"Hey did you ever notice that the hand-drier instructions are: PRESS BUTTON RECIVE BACON," "Bathroom Bacon all right!!!"
by LOLZER828 February 13, 2009
That feeling you get when your around a lot of drunk people,mainly during st.paddy's day
symptoms:dizziness,blurred vison,slurred speaking,ect.
"Man im so dizzy, i havent even drunk anything,theres to many buzzed people"
"You've probably have Secondhand Drunk!!"
by LOLzer828 March 16, 2009
An internet term popularized by, *Tony Huynh,meaning excitement,and or,the feeling of accomplishment,FTW

n00b 1:I just killed my first orc!!!

mom of n00b:woopwoop
by LOLZER828 January 18, 2009
venereal disease,(V.D.) is realy bad idea for a valentines card
"My boyfriend gave me a card that said 'Happy V.D.' Im going to get my self checked."
by LOLZER828 February 13, 2009
A very good friend that is an immature n00b
tell me your not a n00bie
by LOLZER828 January 18, 2009
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