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old fat ugly woman, can be a witch, most of the time is. sometimes has a horribly lazy eye and cant hear worth crap.
me:hey fucktardjoo mama is an old hag

you: wahhhhhh! i want my mama!
by mackzy October 23, 2004
the ultimate in the bestestness! nothing better, almost like uber only not.
having sex with jane is the super channel!
by mackzy November 02, 2004
a horribly powerful weapon in most fps games that only someone who cant get any kills uses because there are too n00bie to do it the real way.
nick: w0000000t look at all da kills i got! IM THE HALO MASTER!

mackzy: dude you were in the n00bie cannon (tank) so that aint fair, now lets play with out the tank.
by mackzy November 02, 2004
the ultimate player on sc!!! no one can beat him! caus he is me!
generic white guy #2:lets play bunker wars!

gargenzola: dude im gonna pwnyou just like i did in halo last week

generic white guy #2: i know...:'(
by mackzy November 02, 2004
its the shiznaz! i aint nevger seen anything coller since a ninja shitblast! i think this game will kill the human race caus we all gonna stop sexin' to play halo 2!
hot bitch: dude were the last peeps on earth! we gotta sex to save our lives!

dude with da XBOX: hell no bitch! maybe when im done beating ]halo 2]
by mackzy October 20, 2004
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