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4 definitions by DMI

A n00b.

A novice, one who plays, thinks or behaves like a novice, one whose self-acclaim is greatly superior to their actual expertise or accomplishments.
This stupid n00bie on my team ran into the room right after I naded it.
by DMI October 02, 2003
To be defeated or bested or to fail, usually in a first-person shooter video game (though it can apply to other situations as well), by a 'n00b' tactic. Also to be bested by a n00b for any reason in any situation.
I got n00bed at spawn by Tardzilla over there.
by DMI October 02, 2003
whore, slut
I wouldn't touch that dickraft with a ten-foot pole.
by DMI October 02, 2003
An enjoyable experience in which one participant inserts his member into another partner (preferably male)'s anus.
I love buttsecks
by dmi December 17, 2002