The fucking most stupid thing you could call someone over the internet.
Not only is it an internet insult, but its not even "cool" or makes you seem smart and "tuff".
All it does it make you look like a moron who spends too much damn time on the computer, therefore resorts to flaming meaningless people and calling them "n00bs"
And it even has this definition of it being a term used to call "people without spelling skills, grammar and show no sign of intelligence"
But simply posting the word n00b you are showing what a MORON you are. If your flaming somebody you could at least manage to make it an insult worth reading.
not-noob: lalalaloveee
person-who-thinks-they-knowitall: n00b
other-person-who-thinks-they-knowitall: (first they try to sound really intelectual, and then the drop the BIG ONE)you're such n00b.
not-noob: =(
actual-smart-person: N00b is just the stupidest thing you can possibly call someone and by calling someone a n00b you are making yourself look like aa idiot, and yes A NOOB, LOSAH.
not-noob" omgthanks
person-who-thinks-they-knowitall: whatever, n00b

by Paaaooo May 11, 2007
on neopets: annoying person who pollutes the boards with begging for items and/or neopoints. also intentionally mispsells words,uses lots of chatspeak and is report happy

on runescape or other MMORPG:
non-offensive: slang term used to define someone who is new to the game
Offensive: means some one who is incompetent at the game regardless of account age and also begs for stuff.
neopets n00b: OMG mi p3ts r sic @nd c@n 0nli bi cioored wit @ p@int brush!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls giv3 me 1:(
neopets n00b: OMG! u r s0 m3@n im r3porting u!!!!!!

MMORPG n00b: Where do i have to go/ how do i get to the next level???
by timmymuscat June 16, 2007
Adelfo, suckage, being terrible at video games, or just beimg new to them.
you suck so much at counter strike your an n00b.
by corey Cha0s April 03, 2007
the word "n00b" is used mostly by people who call themself "pro", but really act like small children. n00b origins from the word noob or newbie, but they are used in a different way. apart from the word "newbie" which is used when talking about new players or "noob" which is used about bad players "n00b" can be used against higher leveled players/higher scores who are acting lame..
level 40: "kekekekekeke i pwn j00 n00b"
level 20: "wtf?"
(level 40 kills level 20, the level 40 is being a n00b)
by Jakob Gade November 18, 2006
a gamer who does not play games alot
My names Colin and i'm a N00B
by colin mogelys August 20, 2008
An average user on
gamr437845329362(n00b): OMG!!! I am 9 yrs old b nice 2 me. im gonna report u for being mean to me.
Sensible Otaku: Schwat?
TNT(theneopetsteam): You have been banned for and will not be able to log back in. You suck. Don't try to contact us, it wont work! N00b!
by Scotti August 10, 2006
A n00b is a person who is new to a certain video game and is not very good at it, someone of more skill might call this person a n00b. Note: even though there are 2 zeroes, it is pronounced: "newb"
man, you suck at this game, you are such a n00b!
by dori kin July 21, 2006

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