1. someone who lacks all skill at life.
2. one with no videogame prowess
3. a cheater/hacker
avengeance underestimated his foe, he thinks hes better than he is, avengeance is a n00b.
by Mcdeathkill July 25, 2006
A 'n00b' is a player that is new to a game, website forum or software application.

It is a word most commonly used now by testicularly challenged 13 year old gamers, it was originaly derived from 'newbies' or 'newbs'. Later becoming 'n00b' in the fields of counterstrike 1.6 and the like.

Although now considered a word to be used by internet newbies themselves, originaly it was neither insulting or derogatry. Instead it was used to inform others that You, or another person, were relatively inexperienced in a certain area.
*on seeing a guy killing team member, or staring at a box for 10 minutes straight*

Sam: That guy is a f***ing n00b.
Rick: Yeah, wtf is his name anyway? I cant read it with all those retarded numbers.
by 5n1p3r@frag.club March 14, 2006
noob = plagerism
noob also means a lot of other things, suchas; unable to function in life, unable to use a computer, unable to play games.
Vincent is a n00b because he had to copy off me and causing both of us to fail.
by kylamb25 November 20, 2006
one who is an annoying newbie,
ignorant or stupid;
greatly used as an insult.
n00b, i so totally own you!
by forxz October 28, 2006
A guy in Americas Army who is smoking his own side of the playfield. Also a guy who needs 10 seconds to realize that someone's shooting at him or the little thing what just fell right beside him is a grenade...
Look at that n00b, he was shooting his own teammates so he got permanently banned from the server loool
by Bouta June 22, 2006
anyone who uses this word to try and offend is an asshole, simple as that, just because people have social lives and you don't doesn't mean you have to go all fucking nerdy
prick: "you n00b how can you die so fast"

moi/any other social person: "shut the fuck up you peice of shit"
by Simon "the wotsit" Radford April 28, 2006
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A person who is not leet. They get fragged by Pros who are the opposite of noobs
LE: Jared you are a n00b!
Jared: Shaddup n00b, I frag u!
by LE. April 05, 2006
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