A place where people show off their popularity by competing for the most friends while posting pictures of themselves being emo, Xcore, almost naked,or gangsta. May also post pictures of themselves making out with another person or being strange with friends...or with themselves.
Girl: OMG I have soooo many friends on myspace!
Guy: OMG So do I!!!


comment comment!! k thanx!!!
by Malistar July 26, 2005
a website which one creates a personal page and links amongst others who have also created a page. such pages displays personal info, pictures, blogs, and comments of what others have to say about them. very popular within teens/young adults in high school,early college.
1.(asking)"omg! you have a myspace! can i add you!"
2.(comment for pic)"your pic looks so hot!"
3.(comment for buddy)"do i know you? oh well thanks for the add =)"
by ron April 10, 2005
Myspace is an extremely over-rated blogging website that is over-used by scene kids and emos. The perfect place for stalkers and pedophiles to find bait by posting googled pictures of attractive teens and messaging insecure children and luring them into thinking they've scored with a hot teen model. Mainly used by middle and high schoolers. Middle school girls often take pictures of themselves at odd angles to try to make it look they have boobs/an ass. Guys usually take shirt-less pics of themselves flexing their 6-pack (if they even have one). More common picture types: the emo pics, and the mirror pics. Often post descriptions under pics including song lyrics or something like: "0MG i kno i`m h0tt!!1!" or "*blank* Ownz this!! Lolz." Other people comment things like: "SO PRETTY!" or "I'd tap that." You can be the ugliest piece of shit in the world but u will probobly still get comments like that. Also a place for sucky garage bands to post their horrible music and try to get publicity. There are shirts out that read things like: "I *heart* Tom", "Don't i know you from myspace?", and "You looked better on Myspace." Myspace is now even being used for advertising movies and other companies. In my opinion, its fucking annoying and i cant wait for this stupid fad to be over.
Scene kid: Myspace is my life!!!
Me: Idiot.
#myspace #stalkers #pedophiles #sluts #insecure #tom
by Marieze June 24, 2006
An error infested website where idiots who don't even know what HTML is are, for some reason, allowed to create their *own* browser-raping websites.
OMG I just got a MySpace lolzerz OMG!!!!!!!!1
#myspace #retarder #browser #rape #n00b #terrible website #error
by Brisco June 10, 2006
A networking website used by scene kids who have no idea how to use basic HTML let alone CSS. MySpace is also the internet's biggest popularity contest.
"On the downside, MySpace is full of sexual predators. On the upside, it’s full of sexual prey."
#myspace #scene #emo #internet #html #css
by Misfitus April 23, 2006
1. A place for people to express their "individuality" or lack thereof; a place to see how many "friends" or numbers you can get.

2. A site for emo kids to talk about how misunderstood they are and that they wish thier parents "got" them.

It is addictive.
Person A: Hey I saw you on myspace!

Person B: I saw you too! You only have 100002 friends though. Thats not very many. I have 1354354616516. *smirk*
#my space #space #emo #myspace #lame
by EvieRocksYourFace March 30, 2006
a place for 3 kinds of people:

1. normal people who use it for talking to people they know or meeting new people that they only know of but would like to get to know.

2. myspace whores.. the people you see online 24/7 with hundreds of friends that they dont even know. they have half naked angled pics of themselves in the bathroom claiming to be ugly.

3. sick people... phedofiles or cronic masturbaters that lie about their age and only wish that younger elementary school kids know about the site.
normal kid: 'myspace is just a tool to talk to or meet people, like a phone or email'

myspace whore: 'myspace?.....ohhhhh you mean LIFE"

phedofile: 'thank god for myspace'
#myspace #a place for friends #tom #emo #whores
by me..the original November 25, 2006
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