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Yarr, I was swabbin' the poop deck when me main mast took a tumble into Davy Jone's Locker; Avast, it was me own 'heartie, scurvy Sea-Dog Peg Leg who sivered me timbers; made 'im walk the bloody plank, Savvy?
by Capn' Jack Sparrow July 14, 2003
Technically means "Well-informed, perceptive, or shrewd"; in the summer of 2003, fans of "Pirates of the Carribean" adopted the meaning given to the word by Johnny Depp's Catain Jack.

Now used by PotC fans to mean, "Get it?"
"Shut up or I'll shut you up -- savvy?"
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
to be clued up is to be savvy. comes from the french verbs 'savoir faire', which means the 'know how'.
damn that boy is savvy.
by nobby January 02, 2005

1. to understand something

2. knowledge

3. knowledgeable
(from spanish, Sabe, he knows)
I don't think you are as savvy on the subject as I am.
by Light Joker April 01, 2007
savvy (sav-ve)adj. To comprhend to understand. To make sure of something. Something sexy. Tod escribe as cool or sophisticated. Sexiest word to come from Johnny Depps lips.
"so why dont you return the favor, savvy?"
"OMG Ellen, thoose shoes are savvy!"
"The Johnny Depp club is so savvy"
by Emma Rubenstein April 14, 2004
Do you understand what I just said?
Im highly succesful and you're not. Savvy?
by Paul Webb August 20, 2003
Commonly related to pirates. Meaning to undertsand, or to grasp a concept.
"Im Cap'n Jack Sparrow. Savvy?"

"There's no time to be worryin' about wether or not you're savvy, savvy?"
by Eeza March 12, 2004
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