A place where you can meet new people, or keep in touch with old friends. Sadly, the site was immediately taken over by all sorts of bad kids, who like to refer to themselves as scenesters, when in fact, they are all just little kids under the age of eighteen, wishing they could get as many friends to comment on their profile as bands such as MCR and The Used have.... Giving the rest of the MySpacers bad names.

Thanks a lot, fuckers.
MySpace: A Place For Friends.
by PurplePenguins February 03, 2006
a place for people to bring it back to high school. people who are supposedly "over high school and lead such busy lives." however, somehow they find the time to go on my space for a few hours a day. if your so over high school than why do you need to be so-called friends with 25765 people who are probably not going to help out in the real world that we live in today. basically if you do not pay my bills and you are not going to help me in life than you are not my friend. my space is a popularity contest for people who just can't stay away from the high school scene. people really need to get over themselves and stop changing their pictures or taking "my space pics" so that people will tell them their hot or sexy. let's all stop begging for attention and worry about the more important things in life. invest your 1-5 hours a day on something useful. trust me i used to be on this and it's a waste of time.
1) don't broadcast your life or talk about someone on my space so that your "friends" can give you a pat on the back.

2) if you need to have people tell you look hot, you probably have some
insecurity issues. i mean think about it. if you were walking down the street with your friends are they going to contstantly tell you you're hot. no, but on my space they will. so let's take my space pics!
by cmm July 06, 2005
Myspace (or MySpace) is a free service that uses the internet for online communication through an interactive network of photos, weblogs, user profiles, e-mail, web forums, groups, as well as many other communication devices. This all-inclusive service is sometimes called a social networking interface. It is an active site always updating or creating new features for their members. Myspace is also sometimes used to describe a user created webpage on the Myspace.com service.

Members are usually titled as Myspacers.
* There are 20 forums with many different subforums.
* There are around 300,000 topics in the main site forums.
* A total of 3 million forum posts as of this typing.
* There are around 200,000 groups.
* There are around 60 million group forum posts.
* There are 5 new posts every second.
* There are over 10 million profiles inside Myspace. (as of March 11, 2005)
by random March 14, 2005
A website designed specifically to keep you up all night, adding people you don't know or like, refreshing the page every 5 minutes to check if someones messaged you and a stupid, annoying excuse for complete twats to act hard.
Guy: I had a fight with a guy yesterday
Girl: really? why?
Guy: he added my mate on "Myspace "
Girl: so you emailed him alot?
Guy: Yeah, then blocked him.
by Cassie; December 27, 2008
To some people, it's a place to meet new people (as in, chat with people that you will never meet). To others, it's one big scene contest. In reality, it's a mixture of both.

It's an addicting networking tool, used by kids in high school and college. The loser's flaunt the number of friends they have over other people. Even though nobody really cares, once they leave the house (if they do, that is.)

It is also a place for every band to make a profile, even if they don't have any music to listen to.

If you have a Myspace, you constantly sign on to see if you have any new messages, friend requests, comments, or picture comments.
I myself have a Myspace, it's addicting. It's pretty bombarded with stupid scene girls and boys with choppy, ugly black straight hair.
by Guy With A Cool Face July 25, 2005
A tool to cuss people out when you are too chicken to say it to their face.
Why don't you go home and get on Myspace and pretend to be a badass?
by KTWWWW October 05, 2008
A website that is viewed as a place where stupid 14 year old whores and idiots with no life go and attempt to add as many friends and gain as many picture comments as possible. Unfortunatly, this is fairly true. BUT, this does not mean that every person is like that. There are some people (unfortunatly in the minority) that actually use myspace with some signs of a working brain. These are the people that generally have smaller friend counts (dunno what would be a good example number, I guess I'll use mine, which would be 43, although some of them are dead files that got phished or something) are actually honest about what they put in what they like, such as music and whatnot, and don't have a whole bunch of crap on their profile. These people have some sense, and don't waste time finding friends and demanding pic comments every minute. Basically, people with actual lives outside the computer.

Just on a little side not, I had myspace open in another tab, and refreshing it to wait for a message. Not from some dumb whore on the other side of the United States, but from one of my friends that I see and hang out with frequently, because we are talking about something somewhat logical. Basically something that isn't "OMG!!!1!! COMMENT MAH PICS YO!! I COMMENT BACK PC4PC!!"

So basically, its a place filled with attention whores, but there are also people who actually use it as a means of sending things to your friends (actual people that you know!!) that you didn't have time to do when hanging with them in person, or a way to talk to someone that moved away for example. Not everyone is a stupid whore, there are people with some sense in the world. AMAZING ISN'T IT?!?
Me: Hey dude, you get that link I sent you on myspace?
Friend: Yeah, thanks man. Now I can find out the info for the concert.
myspace whore: OMG!! I herd the word "myspace"!! You guys have one?! YOU SHOULD ADD ME!!
Me: Umm....do we even know you?
myspace whore: Nope, but you can get to know me on myspace!! Besides, I need more friends anyway, 1000+ friends isn't high enough.
Me: Riiigghht.....we'll work on that...
Me: Alright, lets see if I got anything on myspace. *logs on* Ok, new message, hey a friend request. Let's see......aaaannd its that one chick...*DENIED* Ok, I'll just check that message, then log off and work on my stick animation.
by D. B. O. September 04, 2008

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