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Adult Diaper Fetish
Whitney just shit her pants.

It's ok. She's wearing a diaper.


She has an ADF.
by Whit_Shit July 11, 2011
Asian Dub Foundation, a wicked British/Asian band which raps about (against) racism and such, while mixing breaks, d'n'b and hip-hop.
"ADF own Eninem on a daily basis"
by TwenT4 December 01, 2004
Automatic Direction Finder
Automatic Direction Finding System

a navagation system used by aircraft and sea-going ships. It consists of one or more ground stations that transmit a signal in the 225 to 500 kHz (.225 to .500 MHz) range. Because of the low-frequnecy of these signals, their range is very good and not limited by the line-of-sight range of the VOR system. The recevier in the airplane/boat uses a loop antenna to "home-in" on the station. There is also a long-wire receiving antenna installed on many aircraft. Most ADF receivers can also recieve the AM broadcast band (530 to 1710 kHz) so pilots can also home in on powerful broadcast stations.

ADF signals should not be used in thunderstorms because the high amount of electro-magnetic interferance that lightening causes.

Many pilots can't even use the ADF system, which is a shame, becuase of better systems such as VOR and the GPS systems.
"In most of the third world, the ADF navigation system is the only way to go"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 21, 2003
Auto Document Feeder

Technical term to describe the scanner on a multi-funciton printer.
Load the documents into the ADF and hit start to scan without having to change the document
by mikeock April 09, 2005
ADF=Another Dumb Fuck
A clear example is gw bush, the world leader in dumbness.
adf= Anti Dick Fag
one who acts gay but is not or who is a "metrosexual"
"That guy is such an adf but he takes care of himself"
by bcamarob06 January 27, 2006
Alcohol-Free Day. Typically used by people who drink every day when they attempt to rejuvenate their body (and soul) by abstaining from alcohol for 24 hours or more.
I've been hammering it for weeks but after saturday night, i had to have 2 AFDs in a row to recover.
by shagoogle April 10, 2005
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