This is the newest religion out there. Where people attend services every 5 seconds or so.
What religion are you? Im a myspacer.
by fdsljgjsdlfjfdl February 03, 2006
Emo Headquarters. Established by a then poor emo tool called Tom. He marketed the site as emo friendly. For emos by emos. It was nothing more than a site for Tom to release his (sexual) frustration on the world. Soon, after the site became an established emo gathering, the preps joined in. All hell broke lose which lead to an e-war between the emos and preps. The mighty emos defeated the preps casting them away for ever. Nowadays preps are making a comeback. It is predicted preps will become the leading demographic in 2050.
Until then, emos run myspace.
Hey josh, lets go on myspace and plan how we will further destroy music.
by Flatulent One August 18, 2006
A large overly populated excuse for poplularity contests.
an excuse for people to whore themselves out and feel better about themselves by seeing how many people will be their friend. Although said people may have 60 friends on their myspace you can rest assure that they have never talked to or even met at least 30 of those "friends". Judging on how hot or scene you are they take one look at your profile pic and if you're not "hot enough" or "Scene enough" you can forget it!
<IM hot69> hey add me cuz i'm really hot!Add me to your friends list on myspace!
<hot scene kid> okay but are u scene?
a website where thousands of teens randomly sign up to make friends. and then they go to school and obsessively disscuss the number of comments and friends they have. and then they argue over who has more profile views, friends, and how many of those friends they actually know...just to try to beat one another out.
"I have WAY more myspace friends then you."
"Yeah? well I have more myspace comments."
"Agg...shut up. at least I have a better myspace rating."
by squeeze_tighter September 04, 2005
A place where nothing works and everything is down 99% of the time created by a faggot named Tom Anderson.
Ex. This myspace profile is undergoing routine maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience!
by Breannah July 22, 2006
a place where everyone looks better than they are in person due to the following
1. camera angles that don't show thier fatness and small boobs
2. photoshop and high contrast pics that don't show their pimples and uglyness.

a place for scene kids who think my chemical romance and fall out boy are the best music ever.

also the most addictive site ever. you can spend hours upon end fixing you myspace to look pretty, or just crying on the bullitens to get pictures on ur ugly picture.
OMFG myspace is so awsome. i got like 50 comments on that picture cuz i'm so beautiful.
by Marco V. September 25, 2005
Possibly the most pointless website on the net, people who use it are either:
1. emo
2. scene
3. would like to be either of the above
People who use Myspace compete to see how many "friends" they have, by adding people they have never and will never meet. You can usually find pathetic little comments on my space like "awwwh so cute *pokes* hehehehehe"
Myspace whore - "OMG lolz i haf got 300 frends on myspace olol"
Socialy Accepted Human- "How many of these people do you actually know then?"
Myspace whore - "stfu lol one of dem is ma gurlfrend, i met her on myspace"
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 19, 2005
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