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An alteration of the ‘N’ word in order to mask its use from African Americans. This alleviates the possibility of a hostile confrontation between a black person and a non-black user of the word ‘myekuh’.

(sounds like myeh-kuh, 2 syllables. The ‘y’ sound is like 'y' in the word ‘yard’ or ‘yes’. The ‘m’ and ‘y’ do not have a pause in between their pronunciation. The ‘e’ sound is like the sound of an ‘e’ in the word ‘egg'. The ‘kuh’ sounds like the beginning of the word ‘custom’.)
Damn, that myekuh was fast as hell. He dunked on me like 3 times! Those myekuh's sure are good at basketball.
by Walkertower April 27, 2007
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