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Basically a Mexican standoff between prominent countries that possess nuclear weapons and have different polictical agendas. Causes the entire world to be gripped in a sort of doomsday fatalism. Also results in peace talks to boil down to a pissing match in which each side takes a "I'll-throw-down-my-gun-if-you-throw-down-your-gun-first" attitude.
In "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" the apes may have survived if they had thier own nukes. The mutant humans wouldn't have used thier nuke because of fear of mutually assured destruction. Which didn't matter anyway, because they all ended up dead, like a bunch of pork rinds.
by Pigeon McNugget October 08, 2003
A phrase, possibly coined by Arthur C. Clarke, to describe a situation where both parties can destroy the other, but not before the attacked party destroys the attacker.
Mutually assured destruction is certain now that the USSR have nuclear weapons.
by 256 September 03, 2003
The result of two or more gay guys going, without proper preparation, at each other's ass.
Doctor, looking at two guys on stretchers, naked asses up. Their buttholes are bleeding. "Lubes, guys," he says. "Otherwise you're going to have a bad time. It's mutually assured destruction."
by sukebe November 18, 2006
Where people kill each other at the same time in 1st person shooters. Very annoying.
by MoFo November 23, 2003
A situation in which two states have enough weapons (typically nuclear) to ensure that should one launch an attack the other would be able to respond in a strong enough way to destroy the attacker. Both would be destroyed.

This situation is supposed to prevent either side from launching such an attack.

The Cold War between the USA and the USSR in the 20th Century is an example of such a situation.
With our stockpiles of nukes we have mutually assured destruction in the case of a launch.
by Flame August 29, 2003
A type of unit in Command & Conquer Red Alert
"I'd biuld a MAD tank but they're so damn expensive"
by AHHHHHHHHH September 24, 2003
'Mutually Assured' meaning both candidates are assured.
Jack 'n' Jill we mutually assured that i have a gigantic penis!
by Jack Tha Rippa September 03, 2003