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The almost certain scenario that would occur after nuclear war. It says that the opposing forces would be utterly anihilated, leaving the Earth an uninhabitable, radioactive wasteland.
The only result of nuclear war, Mr. President, is mutually assured destruction.
by ZephyrAnima August 30, 2003
term used during the cold war. was used to describe the effect of one party making use of nuclear weapons, which would cause a retaliatory attack from the victim. eventually, both partys, the attacker and victim, would be completly destroyed by the nuclear weapons and no one would win. MAD was on of the main things keeping russia from attacking the US with nukes.
by ashley August 30, 2003
When America, China, Great Britain, or some gay third world country decides to drop an A-bomb or H-bomb on Canada and/or Israel, resulting in some other big country and/or third world country going PMS-style and reducing the whole world to ashes, therefore leaving the sole survivors with testicular cancer.
Dude, I heard they found big weapons in the Middle East.

Well if it comes down to mutually assured destruction, I'd rather die than get that cancer crap.

Hell yeah!
by Mela August 29, 2003
Where two guys face each other, wanking off, and try to have both ejaculates collide in mid-air, thus averting catastrophe.
Shall we save the world again tomorrow, Bill?

...from mutually assured destruction
by Big Pawel April 20, 2008
when a couple (only looking for a fling) have sex without a condom! they're both fucked.......likewise!
i convinced her that a date with me would not end in mutually assured destruction (might get her pregnant but i'll before she finds out)!
by ashwani fucker September 19, 2003
A term from the Cold War: Because the Soviet Union and the US could destroy each other peace was maintained by theis "mutually assured destruction."
We have enough bombs to maintain mutually assured destruction
by Robert Allen August 29, 2003
What Microsoft ensures- a destroyed computer, and the destroyed mind of the one that was working on the computer.
Microsoft comes with a mutually assured destruction guarantee.
by Oh the insanity... November 13, 2003